Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hoo-ray for the mail lady!

As much fun as holidays might be, I hate days without mail. I especially dislike them if they are days I still have to work because they don't feel like holidays to me, they just feel like days without mail. 

I love mail.  Seriously.  Ben doesn't seem to understand it.

I think its a curiosity thing.  I have to know what came in the mail.  It's like opening a present everyday, somedays its really, really cool and other days its very eh.

I used to write a lot of letters.  Seriously a lot.  I wrote 2-3 or more a day.  Every single day.  Ah, college, how I miss you.  Now I seem to have gotten away from it, which means I get way less exciting mail.  I do have one faithful friend who I have been exchanging letters with for more than 15 years!  (geez, does that make you feel old too?)  She's awesome and I always love getting her letters.  I should post a picture of the cute cupcake cards she has been sending me recently.  They always make me hungry.

Today I am more excited about mail going out that mail coming in.  You see, I'm sending in a show application today and sending out a couple other fun and exciting things that I am not yet ready to mention. 

If you are like me and really love both sending and receiving good old fashioned snail mal, drop me an e-mail (somerknits (at) aim dot com) with your address.  I promise you a hand written letter in response.  (I bet Ben would really like if I used up the two giant copy-paper sized boxes of stationary that I have.  I am a sucker for stationary and notecards)  I think getting back in the habit of writing a letter a day (we need to start reasonable here) will be really good for me.  Maybe I will also drop a few notes in the mail to people who aren't expecting them.  Old friends, relatives, who knows.  I am feeling inspired right now.

So maybe the one lack of mail day yesterday was actually good for me, since it made me reflect on how much I love mail and want to send some of that love back out into the world.  It's funny that Kaelah over at LCH (you can click her button over on the side to hop over there) blogged on RAoK yesterday, since I was already contemplating this whole mail thing.  It helped solidify for me the awesomeness of sending mail.  (When I read her post I looked over at the side of my desk which was already stacked high with outgoing mail and it made me grin) 

So, how do you send love back out into the world?


Renee said...

Aww, this is perfect! Our blogs are so in sync today. I love sending care packages and notes. Mostly to my cousins and grandparents. My grandmother will sometimes send me a card that she hand painted on or applied some kind of embellishment to, it always warms my heart! <3 Even if it's just a bill in the mail one day, it is totally like a present that someone personally delivered to Josh and I. Oh how I love it so!

Cait said...

just came across your blog and its wonderful :) your blog is super cute! i love getting packages and notes in the mail- its the little things honestly that make my day :) xo

Knit-O-Matic said...

Cait, if you e-mail me your address I will send some snail mail love your way. I won't tell you when, that way it will be a surprise!

Kristin said...

There is nothing like a happy piece of snail mail to brighten your day!

Amanda K said...

Aw! I can't believe it's been that long! But you're right! Wow! There should be another cupcake card in the mail to you, arriving now-ish, I think. And of course, I totally agree with you that getting mail is super fun, and it is so very satisfying to have a stack all ready to be sent. (I sent Valentines to a bunch of family members, and that was a fun red and pink stack!)