Monday, February 14, 2011

Love Is...

early morning snuggles and sleepy kisses.
scratching my back all the dang time. :-)
never complaining about the piles of yarn which seem to multiply while we are asleep.
 Love is also...
puppy faces.
quiet evenings.
 I really love that he...
eats everything I cook, no matter what.
never expects me to drive in bad weather.  Or at all.
is not embarrassed if I knit in a bar.
 I love that we both love...
the White Lion.  (Baked Brie?  Yes, please)
people watching.
sleepy cuddly puppies.
Today love was demonstrated with...
hot cinnamon rolls for breakfast and chocolate milk. (me to him)
a pretty plant with a big red bloom for my office. (him to me)
an over abundance of sugar.  (everyone to everyone else)

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