Sunday, February 13, 2011

Why yes, I do like lots of pictures (The Ruched Hat)

About a week ago I posted this picture on my facebook fan page and I asked if I should put a bow, buttons or a flower on it.  The responses were flower or bow, so I opted for a flower since I have been doing a lot of bows recently and I haven't really experimented much with flowers.

 I love this ruched style of hat, by the way.  I think it looks flattering on every face shape.
 To give the hat a pop of color I went with a mustard yellow edge for the flower.  I think it goes well with the black and taupe.  (By the way, the 'i' on my keyboard is heavily objecting to being used today, so if I miss any, I apologize.)
 And I love how it turned out.

So then I had to take a million photographs to try and get a few good ones for the etsy listing.  I didn't have any volunteer models hanging around, so now you get to take a gander at my many goofy faces.  I know I use this red wall a lot, but I love the color and its one of the easiest places for me to get decent light in my house.

 And believe me, you don't want to see the few I took before I put make-up on.  Eek.  
I will definitely have to make a few more of these.  They are so much fun.

If you do happen to want to be a volunteer model and you are in the greater Tulsa metro area, just shoot me an e-mail.  
somerknits (at) aim dot com
Volunteer photographers or location loans also gladly accepted.  Maybe when business picks up I can offer to pay for these services.  

I'm still trying to talk myself into transitioning into spring knitting.  I am working on a super soft set of spa cloths in a pretty light yellow off and on right now.  They are a good throw-in-the-purse project.  

For those of you who knit, what do you most commonly take as an on-the-go project?
I think I am having a hard time finishing Rhys's mittens (remember the scarf) because the mound of double pointed needles is so insanely not portable and I don't have the right size to magic loop them.  I have one mitten entirely finished (with ends woven in) so I think that I might try to power through the other one today (between housework and maybe some groceries and other errands).

I also have to hit up a yarn store for a commissioned pink hat, since I keep very little pink on hand.  Oh, the dangers of the yarn store!  Who will save me from myself while I am there? 


nekkidknitter said...

I keep my projects in individual bags (the smaller size shopping bags from Whole Foods). They're easier to pick up and take along that way. Right now I'm mostly taking the garter stitch baby's getting bigger and therefore gradually more unwieldy, but it still fits in the bag and it's completely mindless right now.

Do I have any pink in my stash that will suit your purposes? :) Let me know if I do!

nekkidknitter said...

Oh, I also have a lot of KP bare yarns...and pink lemonade kool-aid!

Knit-O-Matic said...

I need kind of a dusky rose pink. Kind of mauvy. And it needs to be really soft. I am trying to recreate a lost hat for someone. They purchased it at a main stream retail store and its a fairly basic ribbed beanie with a flower.