Friday, February 25, 2011

There's something in the blogosphere

After a long week of very boring, completely unexciting mail, I can home to some very, very awesome mail today!  I took pictures of all of it, I was so very excited.  (Still am)  Then I sat down with some dinner and went to catch up on all the blogs I read and guess what I found.  LCH had a blog post up JUST LIKE the one I was plotting in my head.  I laughed so hard!  The dogs thought I was crazy.  See, on Tuesday while I was contemplating my mail lady post, LCH wrote about the exact same thing!  And later that evening so did GreenerMe!  It's something in the blogosphere, I tell you.  

Well the stuff I got in the mail was just too good, so I am still going to do my What I Got in the Mail post, despite the fact that it's already been done.  In fact, you really should go check out Kaelah's post because she mentions the little gift I just sent her.  (I'm so very flattered!)

Back to my mail:
 Charms from HollyRocks!!!  And Holly does Rock, by the way.  Pretty glitter hearts in red and pink!  Yay!!!
 Next I received the prize from a giveaway I won from Ella Bands.  Her packaging was excellent!  She even sent a little square of chocolate (I already ate it, while i was typing this.  Yum)
 Please ignore the red face.  It's cold outside today.  
 How cute is it?!?  Seriously cute.  I must have a teeny head though, or just not as much hair as the rest of the world, cause I'm going to have to tighten the band a wee little bit.  I can tell its going to b super comfortable to wear though.   Am I going to turn #$*$#%* next tuesday?  Yes.  Can I still wear felt hearts on my head?  Yup.

So after dinner and catching up on all my reading I was going to post, but I was too tempted by the charms so I set about making sets of stitch markers.  
 Pretty!  You can find them here.
 These have ALREADY SOLD!  I can't even tell you how thrilled I am.
 This set I call Love Coffee.  Cause I do.  
 All the pretties waiting to be packaged up.

In other goings on tonight,
 I finally remembered to photograph this hat I made this week.  It is, hopefully, for a friend's dad.  As long as my friend likes it, that is.  He hasn't seen it yet.  It's super soft and super stretchy, but still masculine.
 Neither of these pictures show it, but there is actually a lot of brown in this yarn.
 While I was taking pics, this washcloth was still in progress.  It is now finished, so I guess it's time to take more pics.  This might very well be the softest washcloth I have ever knit.  It is a beautiful organic cotton.  I am trying to decide whether to list it on its own in my shop or wait until I have a couple more like it and list a set.  What do you think?  Would you ever purchase a single knit washcloth or are sets more enticing?
This is that half linen stitch washcloth I mentioned the other day.  It's really pretty, but working with two colors makes it harder to just toss in my purse and go, which is why it is way less far along than the other one.  This one is going to be part of the set with the sailboat washcloth.  

Back to the knitting now.  I can't decide whether to work on the washcloth or start something a little grander.  Hmmmm.

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