Friday, February 4, 2011

One of those days

This morning was one of those mornings where nothing goes right.  It seemed like everything I picked up I dropped.  I was a super clumsy klutz this morning.  It was fantastic.  I think it took 10 times to actually get my hair up.  I ended up getting mascara where it didn't belong (like next to my eye or high on my cheek) twice because of my super clumsiness.  (hopefully I am not the only person this has ever happened to)  I ended up ripping the wrapping paper on a gift I was sending out today.  :-(  And then the boots I took to work did NOT want to go on over my jeans.  See, usually I wear really thin jeans with them or wear them with tights and a skirt, but it was so cold today that I wore regular, thicker style skinny jeans and those boots did not want to go on.  I think I might have spent half an hour wrestling with them (they have super tight calves).  It was too late to switch shoes because I was already at work (wore my wellies walking through the snow).

My day did improve though and some work got done.  And then it started snowing.  Again.  So much white.

We did manage a Sam's club run before my ride brought me home, so Ben and I will not starve (not that we would have starved, I can be very creative).  And mummy made cookies today, so I have chomped on a couple chocolate crinkle cookies to make it all better.

Now I have to choose between sitting and knitting or cleaning or baking.  I think knitting may win tonight but then cleaning and baking may win in the morning.

I hope everyone else who is trapped in the land of snow (in cities unprepared to deal with said snow) has a safe and happy weekend.   I will try and post more pictures later.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Lord, do I ever understand.

I hate sneezing just after I've put on mascara--somehow, that stuff gets *everywhere*.

Cookies and coffee/tea make most things better. *love*

Knit-O-Matic said...

You are so right, coffee and tea do make most things better. Especially if they come with conversation and a friend. Maybe you and I should make a phone date. :-)