Friday, February 18, 2011

and all the exciting goings on

Notice the lovely blog re-design?  Surely you have, it would be hard to miss it!  I had Miss Kaelah Bee help me out with it and now I think it looks fantastic!  If you are not the super-tech type but want to give your blog a face lift, hit her up.  The button for her blog, Little Chief Honeybee, is over on the right under Daily Reads.

Next up in yesterday's Day-of-total-awesomeness I received the purse I ordered from atouchofstardust on etsy.

 It's so pretty!  It's a lovely grey-blue with big pretty white flowers and a grey strip and handles.  I custom ordered it based on 2 other bags in her shop, using the elements I liked from each one.  It took me months to decide on the perfect bag because she has so many amazingly wonderful ones.

Also in yesterday's awesomeness I got to go have Peachwave with 2 ladies whose company I very much enjoy!  Thanks for coming out with me, Jen & Gracie!  I needed to hit up Michaels for a couple things.  I had run out of yarn 1 row from completing a project.  ONE ROW.  I was so frustrated.  And then I need to pick up a dusty rose for a custom order hat.  I hope I got the right color!

And last for the day of awesomeness, I wove in some ends while catching up on the blog world.  Now, I am not one of those people who could make a whole bunch of stuff and horde it away and not tell people about it and then spring a whole new line of stuff on them at once, so you will very likely see my spring line one project at a time, but thats OK!
 This is the first Spa Set of the spring.  I am calling it the Lemon Chiffon set.  It's a set of three super soft spa-style washcloths made from 100% cotten.  Luxurious feeling on adult skin but soft enough to use on a baby.
 I have not listed the set on etsy yet, but I will soon.  Last night I was just happy to get all the ends woven in and take a couple photos before falling exhaustedly into bed.
This light yellow feels so spring-like to me.  Makes me happy!  I didn't used to be a big yellow fan, but now certain shades are really growing on me.  Must be my old age or something.  Not that I am spending a lot of time thinking about how old I am.  Or at least, I am trying not to.  Hard with that big birthday right around the corner.  The whole changing decades thing is just a little weird.

Here's to another day of awesomeness today!  I get to play with new make-up this morning, that is always a lot of fun.  And then after work I get to go on a date with my wonderful husband, which is sure to be fantastic.  :-)  I can't wait!


Briana Shepley said...

It looks great! Cheers to blog makeovers! ;)

Simple Life Journey said...

That purse is to die for, and I love your washcloths! Fabulous color!