Friday, February 4, 2011

Chunky Blue Bow Cowl (and babbling about the snow)

This particular Chunky Bow Cowl is a nice deep grey blue, almost denim color.
 The bow runs horizontally on this one instead of vertically and I accented it with some of the winter white from the last chunky bow cowl.  
 These are so fun to make because the yarn is so soft.  Its a wool blend, so even though the knitting is fairly open, it will still keep you fairly warm.
 The coordinating bow is easier to see in person, in the pictures it kind of blends in.  
 I listed it in my etsy shop last night.  No matter what that groundhog said, winter is not over.  They are saying the snow here where I am will be sticking around a couple weeks. (booooo)  
 Once again, forgive the knitter trying to pretend to be both photographer and model all at the same time.
The predicted extended stay of the snow is good for you if you want to order something from my shop.  As I mentioned yesterday, if you order before the snow melts, use code BLIZZ211 for 10% your total purchase.  

I got a ride to work yesterday and I am doing it again today.  Who knows when the next time the tiny thing I drive can get out of the garage is.  I'm glad that monday night before all of this hit I filled up the tank and promptly came home and parked it in the garage.  So many people have been having dig their cars out.  Its great to hear the stories of people helping each other out, though.  The dogs are finally resigned to the fact that the icky cold white stuff isn't leaving.  Don't get me wrong, snow is beautiful, it just really interferes with my life.  For example, knitting and drinking on saturday is cancelled!  Canceled!  :-(  Its such a great group and we always have to much fun together.  I hope that we get to reschedule for later this month but it can be so hard with everyone's individual schedules.  

And then there is the mail.  We haven't had mail since monday.  It would be nice to get the mail.  (I love mail.  If you ever want to send me mail, I'd be happy to send you my address)  I am fairly certain that in addition to anything fun, there will also be bills in the mail, and it would be good if they were not late just because I hadn't gotten them.  

In other news, I participated in 4 Silly Questions on Wattlebird.  If you have never read Annie's blog before, you should check it out.  She is also a knitter and makes really cute stuff.  :-)

Well, I would say I am looking forward to the weekend, but since I am not exactly sure what the weekend holds or how we plan to get around, I'll just say I am looking forward to a little more knitting.  Please, please snow, stay away.

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