Wednesday, December 8, 2010

And Stuff

I should be blogging about the holiday open house. After all, its been a few days and I should have found the time by now. But SheezeKrafty has such a goo recap of it here that I am just going to leave that one alone except to say that I had a fantastic time and hope I get the opportunity to do it again next year with the same group of amazing ladies. Besides, I would have to borrow her pictures anyway since I forgot to take any. oops. So instead I will move on to the goings on since.

This special order hat has already been shipped to the awesome lady who ordered it and I hope the giftee likes it! I think it turned out well.
Then we have this little hat. With nothing to compare it to, it looks like any of the other pinch hats. But its not, this pinch hat is different. Special. It's a Baby Pinch! How cute would that be on a baby girl? (yes, you can put blue on a girl)

Tonight I dropped my usual sort of knitting and picked up a glue gun. I needed to make ornaments for a party and ornament swap on sunday, but I also decided to make some to take to the Ida Red show. They aren't the fanciest ornaments in the world, but I think they are cool. Each one takes a bit of time to make, so it took the whole evening and I didn't even get a whole dozen made. Sheesh. Maybe I am just slow, or not so good with glue guns. It ended up all over me.
The good part of all of this is that at the beginning to the evening that table top was invisible. No, it isn't magic and it doesn't have a super cool cloak that makes it invisible, it was just covered in junk. Ok, not junk. Mostly knitting patterns and christmas catalogs. It is because the craft table always seems like the easiest place to dump stuff we don't want in the kitchen or living room when we are cleaning or about to have company and then eventually it gets completely buried so I end up taking my crafts else where and making a bigger mess. So it is fantastic that I got that table cleaned off.
Now my tired puppy wants to go to bed. He has been sleeping in my lap for an hour now, but wakes up occasionally to give me The Eye. The Eye generally means, "why haven't we gone to bed?" I'm pretty sure thats what he wants to do now, so that's where we are headed. G'night!


Erin said...

I haven't even started on my ornaments yet. Yikes! :) I'll get them done though. :)

p.s. new flower coming your way.

Knit-O-Matic said...

I have commitments friday and saturday and sunday morning, I was so afraid I wouldn't get them finished!