Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Good Morning and a Giveaway

The dogs don't want to let me type. Last night they did not want to let me knit. I am now back to desperately trying to finish some christmas presents, but I have cut the list down a bit. I have decided not to worry over-much about it all. I can give ::gasp:: store bought (or etsy bought or craft fair bought) presents occasionally. And they don't all have to be accompanied by a knitted item. And I'm not going to feel bad about it. Not, there are a couple of things that I will work really, really, really hard to finish before christmas, but the rest of it I am not going to stress over.

How is your holiday shopping going? Are you done, not even started or in the middle? I am definitely in the middle. Although I haven't started wrapping at all yet. I am really excited about the Ribbons and Bows series that Erin is going to be doing on her blog, Sunshine and Carousels.

Speaking of Sunshine and Carousels, there is a giveaway that she is sponsoring over at Bella Vita for a couple of her pretty hair accessories. I think I have mentioned a few times before how much I love Erin's stuff. Seriously love it. I don't have either of the accessories being given away, so you can bet I will enter this giveaway as many times as possible. If you don't win, come to Ida Red on December 18th, Erin will be there selling her wares as will I and a number of other Tulsa Makers.

Stay warm!

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