Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Gifted Knits

Just a few of the progress pictures I couldn't post because I was trying to keep the gifts a secret.
 Warping the loom and starting Mimi's shawl

 Taylor's Felted Slippers.  The 19 row felted slipper pattern knits up super easy and looks really cute.  Next time I might try a toe embellishment though.
This grey cowl I improved.  And I had put on Rav that I would post the pattern after Christmas, but I am going to have to count and then post it.  I do know that I used Bamboo Ewe yarn, size 10.5 needles, started out in the round doing k2,p2 than after a certain amount increased around to make the pattern now k3,p3.  Then I threaded a contrasting yarn through the holes formed in the transition and used that to gather the cowl.  Its super soft and you can gather the folds pretty much any way you like.
 Two different cabled headbands.  The black one above is solid and gathered at the join.  The one below is similar to one at Anthropologie and has buttons so you can tighten it to suit your own head.

Halvsies is an alpaca blend cowl knit in the round, half in seed stitch and half in ribbing.  If there is interest, I will post the actual pattern.  Its a quick knit and like Quadrants allows you to wrap it different ways to have different textures showing.
Flower hat.  I started it at the Ida Red show and got the hat part done but made the flower later at home and then dug around until I found the perfect button.  Its so cute on Stacy, I'm glad she got this one.

Well, thats it, the pictures I have been hiding all fall so that my gifts would remain a surprise.  :-)

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