Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas gift for me!

Once the Christmas knitting was done, midday on Christmas itself, I grabbed some chunky yarn I've had hanging around for a while and the pattern I had picked out for it.  Geez, I must have decided what to use this yarn for when I bought it, back in like March or April.  The yarn is a super bulky hand dyed by Bridgette of Farm Girl Fiber.  I had 2 of the giant skeins, I can't remember at all what the yardage was supposed to be in each one.  
It took a little more than one skein to make this Acorn Head.  It's a hooded cowl!!  And I love it.  It was so simple to make.  I went with seed stitch even though the pattern is written for garter stitch.  Seed stitch has such an elegance to it and the change was easy to make.  

I have worn it every time I have left the house since I finished it.  Last night when I really wasn't feeling well I left it doubled around m neck the whole time I was at my parents' house.  It's so cozy!  And I love that when I am outside in the cold I can flip the hood up and it keeps my ears super warm too.  Look how fantastically the color pooled too!  Sometimes pooling works great and other times its frustrating as heck.  Anyway, I hope there are better pictures after I am feeling better, but I wanted to post some right away.

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