Monday, December 6, 2010

Give-aways Galore!

There are so many fantastic giveaways going on right now. First, pop on over to Sunshine and Carousels and check out the Much Love, Illy giveaway going on right now. Her etsy store is filled with adorable poppy headbands, rose earrings and more.

And while you are at Sunshine and Carousels, check out this giveaway from Bella Vita. I don't really want you to enter though, because the earrings are cute and I would love to win them.

Still over at Sunshine and Carousels, check out the Sandy a la mode giveaway. This is a sweet little set of accessories being given away. I don't want you to enter this one either ;-P In fact, don't enter any of the giveaways here! Just look. (Just kidding, but all the stuff being given away this week is sooooo cute!)

Speaking of giveaways, my Do What You Love What You Do print came in the mail today! So pretty!

Next up is the Kiki La Ru giveaway! If you have never seen a cake bunting before you are missing out on some amazing cuteness. Definitely take a look.

On the Much Love, Illy blog, checkout this giveaway from her sponsor moonbeamwishes.

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Trains and Sewing Machines said...

Haha I found most of these giveaways on my blog surfing today too! It's crazy, but so fun :) Thanks for sharing!