Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Spirit

My friend Sara and her sister wanted to do something "Christmassy" last night. They decided to invite me over to bake and decorate sugar cookies and I decided I could use a mental health night not sitting at home by myself furiously knitting away and stressing about how I was going to get all of it done before Christmas. So I threw all of my cookie cutters and my best rolling pin in a bag and headed out the door. I was greeted by a very excited puppy and this cute little McPouty face. Its ok, she only really pouted when the camera was aimed at her.
We baked about a zillion cookies, made 4 colors of icing and used all kinds of candies and sprinkles. We made a big mess and laughed about it. A good time was definitely had by all. It was nice to take the time to really decorate the cookies. I usually throw them on a wire cooling rack, brush glaze over them and let it drip off on its own. Presentationally its pretty and clean looking, but there is something very fun and satisfying about getting up to your elbows in icing and candy.
My snowman's smile slid off the sides of his face and became a mad face. But I think my bell turned out nicely. I did a bunch of the little bite sized ones too because they are great for just popping into your mouth.
Sara is definitely more conservative with the icing than I am. Check out her pretty plate of cookies though. Yes, the star has butterscotch chips on it. I had honestly never really though about topping my sugar cookies with reese's pieces and butterscotch chips and gum drops and things.
Sara's sister did a plate of Sara's whole little family. Sara, hubby, baby and puppy! How cute is that?

I'm so glad I took the break and went over to play with cookies. What kinds of Christmasy things are you doing to get in the holiday spirit?


Amanda K said...

Aw, cute! I'm getting super excited about my cookie-making party next weekend. There will be SO MANY cookies. Too bad you live so far away -- you'd love it!

artichoke said...

nice! i love baking cookies :]