Thursday, December 16, 2010

A make:Christmas

I am sooooo excited for this weekend! I haven't had as much time to prep as I would have liked, but I have been having a fun week, so thats ok. Tonight and tomorrow night I will be working non-stop to create new inventory, get organized and bake my share of the goodies for this show.

Go here and check out who all will be there. Many of my favorite Tulsa makers will have tables at this event, its a perfect place to come do last minute shopping. And you can come buy me hair dooies from Sunshine and Carousels or Gleeful Peacock. Either one. Any style. It will help feed my current hair dooey obsession. I could use more to go with brown. I have very few hair dooies that go well with brown. Just sayin'.

So come out and see us and sample our snacks and have some cider and finish your shopping!!

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