Monday, December 27, 2010

More Christmas!

Christmas Eve is always spent at Grandma's house.  Our family is growing and that makes it even more fun/chaotic.  
 Aunt Karen
 Dad's new fishing hat
 Grandma - she hadn't even opened the present yet, but she looks pretty happy about the bow, doesn't she?  
 The babies all got piles and piles of presents and there was much oohing and awing and picture taking.  I received 4 new knitting books (!!!!) and had a fantastic time with my big crazy family.  It was loud and it was chaotic but it was fun and I am glad we are all still able to get together on Christmas Eve.  As time goes on and our family grows even more, I know that it will get harder because everyone has a million obligations and people they want to see.  But for now its still great!

The next morning we would normally be at my parents place bright and early but circumstances were that we got to sleep in a bit and have our own christmas at home first.  I don't like that it was because my brother hadn't made it to town yet, but I did like getting to spend a quiet morning just the two of us on our first married Christmas.  
 All my boys on Christmas morning.
 Ornament he got me!  I almost cried.  Its to pretty and I love that every year I will hang it on the tree and remember our wedding and our first Christmas.
 Riley LOVED his new toys from his stocking.
 Ripley tried to climb up Ben's back
 Riley and Artemis had a great time pawing through all the new toys.  It kept them fairly distracted while we opened presents. 
Ben's stocking was stuffed so full I had to stack stuff next to it.  He liked it all though.  :-)

I got the most beautiful needle case from Ben!  I need to take a picture of it, but its bright blue with a paisley print and I just LOVE it.  He also got me a set of curry spices so if you are planning on coming over for dinner any time soon you may be subjected to my curry experimentation.  

Eventually I'll get to the rest of Christmas Day, but thats going to take time and I need to go get dressed for another round of Christmas.  Yes, thats right, more Christmas today!  And a yarn sale later.  YARN SALE!  Woo!  Ok, off I go.

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