Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas is coming like a freight train

The time right before Christmas can be hard for me for blogging.  So much of what I am working on (read: everything) are gifts or gift related, so I really can't talk about them on here or I'll spoil the surprise.  And everyone deserves a surprise or two on Christmas.  In case you are wondering, no I haven't finished my Christmas shopping or my Christmas knitting.  Not even close.  The 3 December shows distracted me a bit, but thats ok.  I may spend all day Christmas eve trying to catch up, but thats ok too.

At least under our tree is starting to fill up.  Last night I wrapped my angel gifts and then started in on some more of the family presents.  The make:Tulsa Christmas party and Erin's blog inspired me to strive to have the prettiest packages at both family Christmases this year.  Not a single package has been left unembellished.  It makes for a mighty pretty pile of presents to look at under the twinkling tree.

Whether I finish absolutely everything I want to get done for Christmas or not, I know that 2 full days of family, food and friends await me at the end of this week and all the hard work will totally be worth it.  If I don't get around to it, or you have started your festivities early, have a very merry and wonderful Christmas!

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